Classification Exercise

  1. Explain the following terms
    1. Classification
    2. Taxonomy
    3. Binomial nomenclature
  2. Name the major taxonomic units used in classifying living organisms
  3. Black jack (Bidens pilosa) belongs to the family compositae. What is its
    1. Genus
    2.  Species
  4. What is a species
  5. What is a hand lens used for
  6. List down any five characteristics of living organisms
  7. List down five methods of sampling organisms
  8. State three divisions of kingdom plantae
  9. List down the classes under phylum arthropoda giving an example in each case and their characteristics
  10. A leaf drawn using a hand lens measured 10 cm long. The actual length of the leaf was 5 cm. work out the magnification of the drawing.
  11. State the kingdoms in which living organisms are placed giving an example in each case
  12. Differentiate between a cell and an organelle
  13. State the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells
  14. Define the following terms giving an example in each case
  • Tissue
  • Organ
  • Organ system
  1. Name any four cells in the body giving their functions

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