1. Name the process by which the amoeba removes the indigestible material       2mks
  2. Name two reasons why viruses are sometimes termed as non-living things. 2mks
  3. State two functions of cell membranes. 2mks
  4. Differentiate between natural and artificial immunity. 2mks
  5. State two reasons why plants do not require complex excretory organs like animals. 2mks
  6. The diagram below is a cross-section of human alimentary canal

(i).vesel   Which part of the alimentary canal is represented by the portion above                    2mks

(ii).   Give one reason for your answer in 6 (i)  above                                                       1mk

  1. Why is it dangerous to breath in motor car exhaust fumes 2mks
  2. Give reasons why when a person lacks vitamin K experiences overbleeding even from a small cut .                                                     2mks
  3. Distinguish between the following:
  4. Continuos and discontinuous variations 2mks
  5. Give two examples of discontinuous variation 2mks
  6. Explain the term homeostasis. 2mks

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